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Contractor Responsibility Program Questionnaire Respondents

Below is a list of respondents to LAWA's Requests for Bids and Requests for Proposals who are required to submit a Questionnaire pursuant to the Contractor Responsibility Program.

Questionnaires submitted by Bidders/Proposers are available for public review and comment at Procurement Services Division, 7301 World Way West, Los Angeles, during the dates indicated below. To schedule an appointment for review, please contact the Procurement Services Division at (424) 646-5380.

Project NameBid NumberCompany NameAddressReview Start DateReview End Date
Concession&Lease Agreement for ConRAC8465Avis Budget Car Rental, LLC6 SylvanWay,Parsippany, NJ 0717543/12/20183/26/2018
Four SUVs for Airport Police 2018117-095Bob Wondries Motors400 S. Atlantic Blvd, Alhambra,CA 918013/14/20183/28/2018
Four SUVs for Airport Police 2018117-095Frontier Ford3701 StevensCreekBlvd, Santa Clara, CA 950513/14/20183/28/2018
First Responder Kits118-002Adamson Police Products10764 NoelStreet,LosAlamitos,CA 907203/19/20184/2/2018
Non-Exclusive Telecommunications License Agreement8525T-Mobile West LLC12920 SE 38th St, Bellevue, WA 980063/15/20183/29/2018
First Responder Kits118-002Advetage Solutions LLC2381 RosecransAve,STE110,ElSequndo,CA902453/19/20184/2/2018
Certified Service Provider License Agreement32018Air Culinaire Worldwide, LLC5830 W.CypressST,STEB&C,Tampa,FL337063/20/20184/3/2018
Non-Exclusive Telecommunications License Agreement8525New Cingular Wireless Services575 MorosgoDr NE, Atlanta,GA 303243/15/20183/29/2018
Non-Exclusive Telecommunications License Agreement8525Sprint/United Management Co.6391 SprintParkway,OverlandPark,KS662513/15/20183/29/2018
Non-Exclusive Telecommunications License Agreement8525Verizon WirelessOne Verizon Way,BaskingRidge, NJ 079203/15/20183/29/2018


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