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2017 Design and Construction Handbook

Construction & Closeout Requirements

Coordination Contacts

Shutdown Control Center (SCC)
8100 Westchester Parkway, #9
Los Angeles, CA, 90045

- Utility Shutdown Requests
- Area Shutdown Requests
- Contractor Access Request
- Contractor Key Request
- SCC Process and Procedure Manual

All contractors are required to submit any USR and ASR applications by using LAWA’s online portal Connect2.LAWA.org.  Please contact the SCC@LAWA.org  to request an account or
call (424) 646-5977 for more information.

Download All SCC

Coordination and Logistics Management (CALM)

Introduction Planning BIM Standards
Environmental Design Stds & Guide Specs Construction, Closeout & Safety IT, CAD, GIS & Photo Stds Airfield Stds & Special Provisions Signage Stds Security Stds
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