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LAWA Rideshare
Carpool Program

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Carpool Program Benefits:

  • Extra prize drawings for "Super-poolers" (those who carpool 75% or more of their work days)
  • Free emergency ride home
  • Free car washes each month
  • Rideshare Rewards, Club Metro, Riverside County's Club Ride, and San Bernardino County's Team Ride incentives
  • Preferred parking

The price of gas is rising quickly, so now's the time to be a "Super-pooler"!

"Super-poolers" are dedicated carpoolers that "share the ride" for 75% or more of their commute days in the month.

Each month, we randomly draw winners from these "Super-poolers" to award five $50.00 gas cards each month. In order to qualify, you must be a registered LAWA carpooler, carpool on 75% of your work days in a month, and turn in your tracking forms by the 15th of each month for the previous month.

You can download the application form, rules, and tracking forms from the links below. Just fill them out and return them to the Rideshare Unit Office to get started.

If you need a carpool match or if you have additional questions, just contact us at (310) 646-7665.