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Administrative Requirements - Insurance



Insurance: To be acquired only after bid has been awarded or permit has been approved


Pursuant to Los Angeles Administrative Code, Division 11, Chapter 2, Article 2, Section 11.47 and the Risk Management Policy (Council File #79-3194-S1) adopted by Los Angeles City Council on March 1, 1991, the City of Los Angeles is to be protected to the maximum extent feasible, against loss or losses which would significantly affect personnel, property, finances, or the ability of the City to continue to fulfill its responsibilities to taxpayers and the public.

Successful Bidder/Proposer/Permittee and their subcontractors must provide acceptable evidence of insurance as explained in the attachments prior to commencing work on the contract. Said acceptable evidence of insurance must remain current throughout the term of the contract and be on file with the Insurance Compliance Unit in order to receive payment under any contract with the City of Los Angeles.


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